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The Kingdom of the West - Arts & Sciences Competition Guidelines

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West Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition GuidelinesDocumentation is an important part of the competition because it's the opportunity to tell the judges about the work you've done. Here are some tips for good documentation:  Also, please look toward the bottom of this page for documents written by past competition winners
   * Provide some historical context for the piece: explaining research and demonstrate to the judges an understanding of how, why, when, where, and who did this sort of work in the medieval period.
   * Indicate your level of expertise in the topic area.
   * Provide a "recipe": explain how you made your piece, what materials / supplies were used, why any substitutions from what was actually used in period.
   * Printouts of web pages may form part of a good set of documentation, they are not sufficient on their own; so include a bibliography of research sources.
   * Entries must be anonymous, DO NOT put your name (mundane or SCA) on the documentation.
   * Make it legible and easy to read, then staple or bind it so it won't get scattered.
   * Provide three copies of documentation for each entry (one for each judge).
Dropping Off and Picking Up Your Entry The standard drop-off deadline is 1pm on the Saturday of the event (unless otherwise posted). The drop-off location is the Arts & Sciences pavilion, usually located on the eric (which is the oval field in the center of the event), and flys an A & S banner (showing the harp or the calipers), so it's easy to locate. All pieces submitted by the drop off deadline will be judged. To enter the competition, just sign up for each entry on the appropriate sign-in sheet. Your piece will be assigned a number-any work that isn't numbered is considered to be a display piece only and will not be judged. All items may be picked up after 5pm. Judging sheets may be picked up after the results have been announced in court. If the piece is not picked up by the end of the event (when the A & S pavilion is taken down), it will be turned over to Lost and Found.
Performance Art Entries Entrants must sign up in the A & S pavilion by 1pm on the Saturday of the event. The competition time will be posted on the board in the front of the pavilion. Show up on time for your performance, ready to go.
Canceled Competitions If there are three or more entrants in a competition, the winner is the entry with the highest score. If there are less than three entries, the winner is the entry with the highest score over 66% of the available points (currently the highest score over 35). If there is only one entry, the entry will be judged, but there will be no competition - but the points will count towards the Golden Poppy.
About the Judges and Judging Sheets Every effort is made to find judges who are knowledgeable about the particular topic of the competition, but we are limited to those individuals present at the event and available at the time of the competition. Judges are asked to sign their names on the judging sheets, and all judging sheets are returned to the entrants. We consider judging forms to be private, so they will be returned directly to the entrant, and are not available for perusal by other entrants or by the populace. If the entrant does not pick them up, they can be retrieved from the appropriate A&S Officer at a subsequent event.
The A & S Token The winners of each competition are recognized in Court at the event, and are rewarded with the A & S token. They are also recognized in The Page in the Arts & Sciences column.