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A & S Ministers

The Role and Reporting for Local A&S Officers

Each group in the West Kingdom has a person whose task it is to foster the A&S within that group. Not all groups have a designated A&S Officer, in which case, it is part of the job of the Seneschal for the group.

Local A&S Officer are no longer warranted; instead they are rostered. Please use the West Kingdom A&S Officer Contact page to request changes to the roster. The current A&S officer for each group, or the seneschal is responsible for keeping the information up to date and to facilitate the change over of officers.

To this end the Kingdom A&S Minister coordinates a “group”. The group is comprised of the A&S Officers of each geographical group in the Kingdom or the Seneschal if there is no one so designated. Through this medium the members report on the activities of their group’s both special events and recurring events. The reports need to be made 4 times a year and must meet the deadlines set out by the Kingdom A&S Minister (March 1, June 1, September 1, & December 1). The information collected will be used to form the Kingdom and Society level reports of the Kingdom A&S Minister that are due no later than the 15th of March, June, September and December.

Through the medium of this group, local officers can exchange ideas and highlight service and growth of members of their local area. Since all groups report, the Principality Officers need only report on Principality level events.

This group can also serve to help recognize people who are doing an outstanding job; either as a volunteer or as an artist or scientist. Contact your Principality or Kingdom MOAS, or use the award recommendation form if you would like to suggest someone be recognized by the Royalty for their work.

If you are the local A&S officer or the Seneschal of a group without a specific designated A&S officer, please join this group.