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A&S Pentathlon

The Five (5) Entry Categories:

  • Practical Science: A science that is not necessarily a trade. Includes making textiles, cooking, weaving, brewing.
  • Technical Science: A science that is a trade or would require learning from a professional. Includes woodwork, metalwork, leatherwork, and glasswork.
  • Performing Art: An art you present to an audience. May be original or period.
  • Fine Art: A visual art used primarily or solely for aesthetic beauty. Includes clothing, calligraphy, oil painting, illumination, and needlework.
  • Research Paper or Masterwork: A substantial piece of academic writing using independent research into a topic with a description of the findings of that research. Masterwork is an additional item that uses at least 2 of the 4 previous categories.


  • You must enter ALL 5 categories to run for the A&S Champion – 4 with physical entries and one with a performance. The performance may be via DVD if (a) you cannot be present at the competition AND (b) it has been previously arranged with the A&S Minister.
  • Please print out 3 copies of your documentation, if possible, for the judges’ ease of review. Do not put your name on them, but do put the entry title, category, and date.
  • You should have some form of documentation for each entry – remember it is about 20% of the possible scoring points.
  • Entries should not have been entered in any prior Kingdom level competition.
  • Entries should have been completed within the last 2 years.
  • There must be at least 2 entrants with qualifying scores for the competition to be run. It may be postponed to a later date if there are not 2 entrants or put on hiatus until the next year.
  • Qualifying scores are entries that have 50% or better of the available points based on the current judging sheets.
  • Research papers should be adequate to explain the topic in detail and point out key pieces of information to be considered when understanding the topic. While there is no page limit, be kind to your judges.
  • Entries should be dropped off at the designated event and location; then picked up the same day at the designated time.
  • The winner is the entrant with the highest overall score from all 5 entries.
  • Note that there is provision for entrants that are not running for A&S Champion to enter individually the competitions and have their entry piece judged.


  • Documentation should provide historical context for your project – how, why, when, where, and who.
  • Documentation should cover how you made your project including materials and tools used. Discuss the process you went through. If you made choices along the way explain the basis for making those choices and the why of any substitutions.
  • Include citations where appropriate.
  • Include a bibliography of your research.
  • Include a primary source if possible.
  • There is NO limit on the number of pages, either a minimum or a maximum. Since there are multiple entries, be nice to your judges and consider keeping your documentation to 5 pages or under, except for the Research Papers which may by their nature require greater length.
  • Do not put your name on your documentation. Do put the name of the project, competition name, and date.
  • Make 3 copies of your documentation, if you can.
  • Bind your pages in some form so they don’t get lost or out of order (staple, folder, etc.)

Applicable Laws – Article 4 Sections 7.5, 7.5.1, & 7.5.2

Section 7.5 Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion
The Kingdom Arts and Sciences Minister is responsible for furthering the arts and sciences within the Kingdom of the West through organization of lectures, classes, demonstrations of period arts and sciences techniques, creation of prize challenges, and any other activity that will further the arts and sciences to the populace. Therefore, the Arts and Sciences Minister is responsible for administration of the annual Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition to determine the next Arts and Sciences Champion.
Section 7.5.1
In order to encourage a culture of competition for personal betterment, the annual Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition shall be held all on one day. It may be scheduled concurrent with any or all of the other Kingdom Championships (currently Archery, Equestrian and Rapier). The purpose of the competition will be to select the next Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion and encourage constructive criticism of the entrant’s personal art such that each entrant may grow from the experience. The title Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion shall be awarded to the individual who achieves the highest overall qualifying score, in all categories, during the competition.
Section 7.5.2
The competition for the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship will be a Pentathlon of five broad categories. Competitors may enter any or all of the competitions, but must compete in each of the five categories to be considered for the Championship. The five broad categories are Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Practical Sciences, Technical Sciences and a) Research Paper or b) Masterwork. A Masterwork is defined as a separate item or project that combines at least two of the other categories into a masterwork piece but does not replace an item from any other category. The Minister of Arts and Sciences may, at their discretion, make suggestions for each category but may not limit them.
A competition will be deemed to have been held if either of the following occurs:
Three or more individual entries are signed in (which may be by one or multiple entrants)
Two or more entries are signed in (which may be one or multiple entrants), AND both have qualifying scores.
At least 50% of available points based on current judging sheets must be earned to be considered qualifying scores.