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Displays - Wreath of Athena & Other Opportunities

The Arts and Sciences are an essential element in our organization. The sharing of information about A&S can take place in a structured or unstructured environment.

The Wreath of Athena:

One such structure is mandated in Kingdom Law – a display at every Crown event that is coordinated by the Kingdom A&S Minister. The goal is to provide a welcoming opportunity for artisans to display their work and for the populace to see the wonderful projects and themselves be inspired.


  • All artisans are welcome to display their A&S projects
  • Projects need not be completed
  • Projects need not be accompanied by documentation
  • Polling by the populace for favorite item
  • No judging sheets but entrants may put out comment cards if they wish feedback.


  • You need not be invited to participate in the Wreath of Athena display as it is open to all artisans.
  • You should presume that the display will be happening at every Crown event.
  • You should listen to the Heralds announcements for drop off and pick up of items; location and times.
  • Everyone should drop by and see the fabulous items created and participate in the polling.


  • The artisans responsible for the top 3 highest scoring pieces are called into court with their items so that all may see their work.
  • Top scoring artisan receives a wreath to wear for the remainder of the event and keep as a remembrance. The award recognition is also added to the awards database.

Other Opportunities:

12th Night Arts & Sciences Dispaly

For several years, there has been an Arts & Sciences Display held at 12th night.  For more information, please see

Othher Displays

Displays may be sponsored or organized by any branch, guild, or person within the Kingdom. Each display will have its own requirements. Organizers should coordinate with the event steward of the event and local branch A&S officer where it is being held. Displays may be done in a physical environment or in a digital environment.

Applicable West Kingdom Laws:

Article IV Section 8.28 - Order of the Wreath of Athena

Section 8.28.1

At every Crown Tournament event, individual artisans will be invited to display their Arts and Sciences projects; these projects need not be completed nor need they be accompanied by documentation. This display, hosted by the Minister of Arts and Sciences, represents the work of populace members who are practicing the Arts and Sciences to the best of their ability.

Section 8.28.2

The Minister of Arts and Sciences will facilitate a popular polling format wherein each member of the populace votes on their favorite item in the display, i.e. each member of the populace selects the item that they like the best without executing a judging sheet or making comments.

Section 8.28.3

The individual who prevails, as well as the artisans responsible for the next two highest placing displayed pieces, shall be called into court to display their work and to receive three cheers.

Section 8.28.4

The individual who prevails is given the "Wreath of Athena" which is a rosemary wreath decorated with purple and yellow ribbons, i.e. the colors of the Arts and Sciences Office. The victor of this popular polling will then be allowed to wear this wreath for the duration of the event and this honor will be recorded in the awards list.