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West Kingdom Arts and Sciences

Welcome the Arts and Sciences (A&S) pages of the West Kingdom website. A&S has long been one of the core parts of the SCA. It is hoped that these pages will help with understanding the existing programs within the Kingdom of the West, point you to resources, encourage participation at all levels and in all forms.

Each group in the West Kingdom has a person whose task it is to foster the A&S within that group. Not all groups have a designated A&S Officer, in which case, it is part of the job of the Seneschal for the group.

The current West Kingdom A&S Officer is Tangwystel Telynores (Telynor) and the email is
The Deputy for the A&S Office is OPEN 
Feel free to contact them with questions. 

Sign up to teach by submitting this form: Volunteer sign up form

Classes you would like to attend

A spreadsheet to propose classes you would be interested in attending has been started by a member of the Populace, Brigit the Chaste - soon this will be a form on this website.